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General information. Every Sectopod is completely identical and is built not only for self-sufficient commands and operation, but also psychic/psionic manipulation -- an Ethereal could potentially control a Sectopod as if it were it's own body, from millions of miles away. 14/11/2013 · XCOM: Enemy Within - MEC Vs. Sectopod YoshiFan007. Loading. Unsubscribe from YoshiFan007? Cancel Unsubscribe. Working. Subscribe Subscribed Unsubscribe 468. XCOM Enemy Unknown All. In Enemy Unknown: no, you cannot stun sectopods. You caan however capture enemy drones with the Drone Capture Foundry Project. You gain control of an enemy drone until the end of the mission. In the Enemy Within DLC: you can stun a sectopod for 1 turn with a tier 3 mec suit with the Electro Pulse tactical subsystem. Lastly, like their Enemy Within incarnation, they also explode with significant force when they are destroyed, damaging nearby units and the environment. Having a Sectopod standing next to an objective is a very dangerous situation. Moving backwards make prompt the Sectopod to move forward and be Fan Fired into the ground. Sectopods aren't really a problem when you have 6 soldiers using laser weapons to focus fire it down. If you're having a lot of trouble with mid game enemies like mutons and sectopods, it's more than likely an indication that you didn't push weapons development as hard as you should have.

07/12/2013 · Hi everybody, I won't claim being an expert at XCOM, far from there. I've picked up the game late during last summer and played a good 15-20 hours of it and then picked up EW at launch. I've been playing around 15 hours now and started encountering Sectopod. I did encounter Sectopod while playing EU last summer. I also know they made. While playing XCOM: Enemy Within, I'm often annoyed by Sectopods with their high defense, high health and armor properties. What's the best way to deal with a Sectopod? I'll accept answers that do not go into detail with soldier stats, classes and abilities, while also accepting detailed answers. I am an experienced XCOM player.

16/09/2015 · I played Enemy Unknown and the Sectopods were challenging, but not impossible. Enemy Within, they take 50% less damage. How are you supposed to get past them on the final mission? There's two of them, and they managed 2 critically wound two soldiers, and kill another. Those were my medics. How are you then supposed to complete the. 22/11/2013 · I move a squad member, and the Sectopod will keep firing a reaction shot until the target reaches it's destination or until the target is dead. I've encountered this 3 times already, the last one just devasted my team of Colonels. Anyone else encountered this? I just ran into my first sectopod map today and it utterly destroyed me. From what I can tell, it had a long range aoe attack and a super deadly beam cannon. The little drones hovering around it and repairing doesn't help either. What are its attack patterns and what is the best way to take one out? Does it take multiple turns to charge up an. X-Com: Tactical is a board game reproducing the squad tactics element of the first game. See also. Laser Squad: a science fiction tactical game by the original creators of X-COM and an immediate predecessor of X-COM UFO: Enemy Unknown originally began development as Laser Squad 2.

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